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Online Databases

Using our in-house development team, we have been able to produce a range of online databases for our clients.
Online databases are held in secure datacentres to keep your data safe and secure.

Most of our databases are bespoke, and are custom-made for each client.

Online task management system

Our task management system was developed for in-house use, to administer installation work being carried out by multiple teams at multiple sites.
The system enables us to monitor the progress of the installations from our office in real-time.

Fleet monitoring system

Currently in development.
Our fleet monitoring system monitors the current locations of your fleet of vehicles, and will allow realtime display of vehicle locations from a central location.

Booking system

Currently in development.
Made for a plasma-screen rental company, our booking system puts a calendar online and allows clients to book in a rental time for a plasma screen. It also can be viewed 'in the field' using a pocket PC by sales representatives, allowing the company to constantly keep an eye on their stock status.