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Backup services

on-site backup

- Keep your data safe
- Quickly implemented
- More reliable than tape backup
- Quickly recoverable

off-site backup

- Keep your data safe
- Safe from building damage
- Completely automated
- Scalable
- Secure

Further information

If you have ever used a computer, the likelihood is that you will have lost data at some point, so you know the stress it can generate.
If you own a business, the fear can be even greater... Knowing that VAT return has to go in, but finding your accounting records missing.

With a backup procedure in place, you can divert your attentions to more important company matters, knowing that no matter what happens, your information will always be safe.

Our backup procedures have been chosen because they are quick to implement, and quick to recover in case of disaster.
Being an IT consultancy, we have the necessary expertise to assist you with deciding on, and implementing your backup procedure.

Our off-site backup procedure also protects you from physical building damage, such as fire, flood or theft. If your server is damaged in a fire, your data will still be safely stored in a secure datacentre.

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